OData for Objective-C

Build Instructions

All xcodeproj folders (which turns into the project file in MacOS) are meant for use with XCode version 3.2.5 and iOS SDK version 4.2. The builds should work as they are if you are on this version. We recommend that you use the latest version of XCode and iOS SDK because upgrading the builds is simpler if your version is later than what was used to build OData version 1.2. If you have to downgrade from XCode 3.2.5 and/or iOS SDK 4.2, follow these instructions. These instructions work for iOS SDK 4.1, but we have not tried it for earlier versions. Also, you must have an iOS developer account with Apple before you can do the build. The build process requires your developer certificate from Apple for code signing. The process for obtaining an Apple developer account and then obtaining your code signing certificate are detailed in http://developer.apple.com/iphone. Once you have downloaded the certificate file, double-click it and it will be placed in the default key chain (login key chain) where XCode expects it.

1.       Download the ODataObjC source code from codeplex;

2.       Once, downloaded and expanded, the folder structure should be as follows:
ProjectFiles/Doc ß Guide documentation
ProjectFiles/framework/src/MSODataLib   ß library project
ProjectFiles/framework/src/odatagen ß OData source code generator
ProjectFiles/DataMarket/crimeData  ß Azure datamarket sample program
ProjectFiles/Netflix/netflix  ß Netflix sample program
ProjectFiles/OData.org/ODataOrgDemo  ß Sample client for OData website demo producers

3.       Go to the ProjectFiles/framework/src/MSODataLib folder, then double-click MSODataLib.xcodeproj. XCode should launch.

4.       On the XCode menu bar, click “Project” / “Edit Project Settings”.

5.       On the project info dialog, click the “Build” tab at the top.

6.       For Configuration, select “All Configurations”; for Show, select “All Settings”.

7.       Under Architectures, select iOS 4.2 for “Base SDK”.

8.       Exit the project info dialog.

9.       On the XCode menu bar, click “Project” / “Edit Active Target ‘MSODataLib’”.

10.   Repeat steps 5 through 8 above.

11.   On the XCode menu bar, click “Build” /  Build”.

If the code signing certificate is installed properly, the build should work. The same instructions apply for the odata project and all sample projects.