This sample introduces how to use the Edm.Date & Edm.TimeOfDay supported in Web API OData V5.5.

Build Edm Model

ODL V6.8 introduces two new primitive types. One is Edm.Date, the other is Edm.TimeOfDay. Besides, it also introduces two new struct types to represent the CLR types of Edm.Date and Edm.TimeOfDay. So, developers can use the new CLR struct types to define their CLR model. For example, if user defines a model as:

using Microsoft.OData.Edm.Library;
public class Customer
    public int Id { get; set; }

    public DateTimeOffset Birthday { get; set; }
    public Date Publish { get; set; }
    public TimeOfDay CheckTime{ get; set;}

The metadata document for Customer entity type will be:

<EntityType Name="Customer">
        <PropertyRef Name="Id" />
    <Property Name="Id" Type="Edm.Int32" Nullable="false" />
    <Property Name="Birthday" Type="Edm.DateTimeOffset" Nullable="false" />
    <Property Name="Publish" Type="Edm.Date" Nullable="false"/>
    <Property Name="CheckTime" Type="Edm.TimeOfDay" Nullable="false"/>

Build-in Functions

Along with the Edm.Date & Edm.TimeOfDay, new date and time related built-in functions are supported in Web API OData V5.5.

Here’s the list:

  • Date
    • Edm.Int32 year(Edm.Date)
    • Edm.Int32 month(Edm.Date)
    • Edm.Int32 day(Edm.Date)
  • TimeOfDay
    • Edm.Int32 hour(Edm.TimeOfDay)
    • Edm.Int32 minute(Edm.TimeOfDay)
    • Edm.Int32 second(Edm.TimeOfDay)
    • Edm.Decimal fractionalseconds(Edm.TimeOfDay)
  • DateTimeOffset
    • Edm.Decimal fractionalseconds(Edm.DateTimeOffset)
    • Edm.Date date(Edm.DateTimeOffset)
    • Edm.TimeOfDay time(Edm.DateTimeOffset)

Query examples

Let’s show some query request examples:

  • Date
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=year(Publish) eq 2015
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=month(Publish) ne 11
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=day(Publish) lt 8
  • TimeOfDay
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=hour(CheckTime) eq 2
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=minute(CheckTime) ge 11
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=second(CheckTime) lt 18
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=fractionalseconds(CheckTime) eq 0.04
  • DateTimeOffset
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=fractionalseconds(Birthday) lt 0.04
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=date(Birthday) lt 2015-03-23
    • ~/odata/Customers?$filter=time(Birthday) eq 03:04:05.90100