From ODataLib 6.14.0, we introduce ODataSimplified convention to make key-as-segment and default convention work side by side.

Because when user use key-as-segment convention, url like /Me/Messages/Microsoft.OutlookServices.EventMessage will always be parsed by uriParser to {Singleton}/{Navigation}/{Key} but what customer needs is {Singleton}/{Navigation}/{Type}. When you use ODataSimplified convention, we will try parse type first than key as a default priority to slove this problem.

Turn on ODataSimplified is the same way with key-as-segment:

var parser = new ODataUriParser(model, new Uri(""), new Uri("")) { UrlConventions = ODataUrlConventions.ODataSimplified };
var result = parser.ParsePath();

The result will be Path[(EntitySet: Schools)/(Key: SchoolID = 1)/(NavigationProperty: Student)/(Type: Collection([Microsoft.Test.Taupo.OData.WCFService.Customer Nullable=False]))].