The NuGet packages for OData v4 Web API 5.11 are available on the NuGet gallery.

What’s in this release?

Improvements and fixes:

  • Dynamic properties don’t have type. Relaxed null check in AggregateExpression and related changes in ApplyBinder to allow usage of dynamic properties in groupby clause. Pull Request #973

  • Working/fix apply enumerable.5x. Pull Request #971

  • String and Byte array values not handled properly in System.Web.OData. Issue #970

  • Fixes for writing Delta Responses - 5.x. Pull Request #901

  • Public request in ODataMediaTypeFormatter. Issue #737

  • the $skip and $top query options allow arithmetic overflows. Issue #578

  • Created virtual methods to override. Pull Request #547

  • Count with filter doesn’t work in ODATA queries. Issue #194

New Features:

  • Adds support to SelectExpandBinder for etags on singletons and nav props. Pull Request #950