The NuGet packages for OData Web API v6.0.0 alpha1 are now available on the myget.

Configure package source

You can configure the NuGet package source for OData Web API v6.0.0 preview releases in the Package Manager Settings:

Download this release

You can install or update the NuGet packages for OData Web API v6.0.0 alpha1 using the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.OData -Version 6.0.0-alpha1 -Pre

What’s in this release?

This release contains the first preview of the next version of OData Web API which is built on ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6. This preview includes the basic support of:

  • Querying service metadata
  • Querying entity sets
  • CRUD of single entity
  • Querying structural or navigation property
  • $filter query option

OData Web API v6.0.0 alpha1 package has a dependency on ODataLib 6.12.

Where’s the sample service?

You can take a look at a basic sample service built by this library.

Now the sample service can support (but not limit to) the following requests:

  • Metadata. GET http://localhost:9091/odata/$metadata
  • EntitySet. GET http://localhost:9091/odata/Products
  • Entity. GET http://localhost:9091/odata/Products(1)
  • Structural property. GET http://localhost:9091/odata/Customers(1)/FirstName
  • Navigation property. GET http://localhost:9091/odata/Customers(1)/Products
  • $filter. GET http://localhost:9091/odata/Products?$filter=ProductId%20gt%201
  • Create. POST http://localhost:9091/odata/Products
  • Delete. DELETE http://localhost:9091/odata/Products(2)
  • Full update. PUT http://localhost:9091/odata/Products(2)

Where’s the source code?

You can view the source code of this library at our OData Web API repository. We warmly welcome any feedback, proposition and contribution from you!