The NuGet packages for OData v4 Web API 6.1 are available on the NuGet gallery.

What’s in this release?

Improvements and fixes:

  • Problem with ODataResourceDeserializer’s ReadInline method. Issue #1005 -

  • ResourceContext.BuildResourceInstance can null ref when model and CLR names for a property do not match. Issue #990

  • String and Byte array values not handled properly in System.Web.OData. Issue #970

  • Fix ETags on Singletons. PR #951

  • Dynamic properties set to null should be written in a Delta Feed. Issue #927

  • Delta feed should only serialize changed properties. Issue #857

  • Parse failures with special characters in untyped data. Issue #938

  • Untyped data fix. PR #936

  • Fixes for writing Delta Responses - OData 60. PR #903

  • Bug in AssociationSetDiscoveryConvention for 6.0. Issue #892

  • Complex types in delta payload seem to be broken in 6.0. Issue #891

  • $apply used with Entity Framework causes memory leaks. Issue #874

  • Create a copy constructor for SelectExpandNode. PR #870

New Features:

  • ODataProperties supports writing a delta link. Issue #900

  • A new EdmDeltaComplexObject is added to support serializing changed properties of a complex type. Issue #857

  • Added a new NavigationSource property for setting the entity set of related EdmDeltaEntityObjects and EdmDeltaDeletedEntityObjects in a flattened result. Issue #937

  • OData Web API v 5.4 does not support DateTime completely. Issue #221